Yoga Healing Balance Bracelet with Onyx Stone Beads and Silver 925

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Onyx Stones Absorb Negative Energy

All beaded jewelry is good for health. Here is to talk about this unknown fine stones of onyx that we use them often in fine jewelry. The Onyx Bracelet combined with a precious metal of silver sterling 925. 

It is not an hazard that ancients were telling stories about the mysteries of metals especially "silver 925 sterling" used as jewelry. It is not a matter of magics but, it is the chemical power of these metals. When a silver 925 bracelet touches your skin, the chemical reactions are in action. That being said, the good effects can be seen on our physical and moral health. 

The numbers "925" mean that the allied metal is 92.5% made of Silver. That is why we say that this bracelet is made of 925 silver and the rest of copper. It is a precious and non reactive metal. A bracelet made of silver stimulates the energy in our bodies. It helps in healing your psychological balance. 

It is a "wow" when some precious beads are mixed with a silver 925 bracelet or in all other jewelry. This bracelet "Yoga Healing Balance Bracelet with Onyx Stone Beads and Silver 925" is therefore made of silver sterling 925 and onyx beads. So useful as well for meditation or yoga exercises. The last thing is that it is handmade. 

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